“On February 3, 2019 Aidan was in a car accident that caused paralysis to his legs.

Stem cells were used at the time of surgery due to his back being severed below the spinal cord which included damage to the nerve endings in his back.

He has feeling of his thighs, can move his hips and has partial feeling in his abdomen.

I feel very blessed to still have my grandson alive. We lost his sister Rose in the accident and know he was spared to do great things in his life.

He has fought hard to recover after spending 68 days hospitalized.

He is a bright beautiful child and is very smart and has proved to myself as well as the doctors miracles happen.

My greatest hope is for Aidan to have the opportunity to walk again and live life to the fullest.”

Many Blessings Thanks

Tamatha (Aka Mamaw)